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Goodway Big Shot for BFP System
Big Shot for BFP System

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Big Shot for BFP System

Use with BFP System
Brand: Goodway
Article number: BSL-50-C
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The Big Shot (BSL-50) is the main cleaning gun of the BFP-System. Use this gun to shoot various projectiles through heat exchanger tubes. The gun works completely hydrostatically, compressed air is only needed for the trigger.

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Safe and effective projectile tube cleaning

The BSL-50 Big Shot is a specially developed cleaning gun to shoot various types of projectiles through tubes of heat exchangers. The BSL-50 only works in combination with the BFP Big Shot System. This cleaning gun has been developed to better deal with the power of the water during cleaning. This makes it easier and less intensive for the operator to clean large quantities of tubes in a short period of time.

Characteristics of the BSL-50 Big Shot

The BSL-50 cleaning gun has a number of innovative and useful features. On the one hand to prevent fatigue and on the other hand to achieve a better and safer cleaning.

  • Easy-to-attach, padded aluminum shoulder stock that provides reduced fatigue and added leverage when you need it.
  • Uses small amounts of water per tube, therefore greatly reducing the amount of waste water produced.
  • Includes a separate, patented air pressure-assisted trigger, which requires an incredible 90% less effort for firing projectiles(!)
  • The simple cleared-tube indicator reliably shows when the projectile has exited the tube (or when the tube is clogged).

Technical Specifications

  • Rugged ABS outer shell - air-pressure assisted trigger
  • Easily interchangeable nozzles
  • Reliable cleared tube indicator
  • CE certified
  • Air Requirements: 6-10 bar at 1,7 m3/u (90-150 PSI at 1 CFM) - for trigger use only!
  • Water Requirements: Maximum 40 bar at 189 liter/minute (600 PSI at 50 GPM)
  • Dimensions: 30,5 centimeters log / 56 centimeter with shoulder stock
  • Weight: 1,8 KG / 2,3 KG with shoulder stock
  • Including: Carrying Case
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Article number:BSL-50-C
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