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Goodway CC-400HF Condenser Cleaner
CC-400HF Condenser Cleaner

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CC-400HF Condenser Cleaner

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Brand: Goodway
Article number: CC-400HF-A-50
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The CC-400HF system has been developed to safely, quickly and effectively clean air-cooled installations such as condensers and chillers. The system combines a low pressure of 30 bar with a high flow of 12 litres/minute.

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Condenser coil cleaning

The Goodway CC-400HF system has been specifically developed for cleaning air-cooled systems such as condensers and chillers. The CC-400HF system combines a low pressure of 30 bar with a high flow of 12 litres/minute. This ensures that all deposits on and inside the coils can be carefully and safely removed, without damaging the fragile fins. Even micro channels can be cleaned without risk of damage.

Low pressure - high flow

Air-cooled systems such as condensers and chillers usually have fragile fins or micro channels. In case of incorrect cleaning, for example with a high-pressure cleaner, they will quickly be flattened by the powerful spray. This will reduce the airflow, resulting in reduced heat transfer. This has a direct effect on the overall efficiency of the installation.

Because the CC-400HF system has a low pressure of only 30 bar, the fins and micro channels can hardly be flattened, even if spraying is done incorrectly. The high flow of 12 litres/minute ensures that the fouling is completely removed out of the coils.


The Goodway CC-400HF system has been developed to clean coils up to a maximum thickness of 200 millimeters. The CC-400HF system can be used for the following types of systems:

Think of systems from well-known suppliers and manufacturers, such as: Trane, York, Carrier, McQuay etc.

Cleaning from inside to outside

Larger v-shaped systems can be cleaned from the inside out. This allows for the pollution to be sprayed out of the coils, instead of inside the system. Goodway Benelux offers special, thin spray lances with a 90 degree nozzle for this purpose. These fit between the grilles of the fans, so they do not have to be dismantled. This option offers increased cleaning results, less downtime, labor and increased safety.

Specifications CC-400HF

  • Water pressure: 30 BAR
  • Water flow: 12 liters/minute
  • Motor capacity: 1 HP (0,6 kW)
  • Injection cleaning agent: 1:10 fixed mixture through siphon hose
  • Water supply: min. 2 BAR at 12 liters/minute
  • Dimensions: 77 x 31 x 33 centimeters (length x width x height)
  • Weight: 20,5 KG (45 lbs)
  • CE certified
  • Including spray hose, nozzles, and various lances.

Customer Service

If you need further assistance, please contact our customer service to discuss the possibilities and options. You can of course always chat with our employees by starting the chat function at the bottom right of your screen!

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Article number:CC-400HF-A-50
average of 3 review(s)
By: Austroblast - Austria
Date: 22/07/2022

We were faced with a challenge of cleaning a large, horizontal air cooler. Combined with Coilshine cleaning agent, we successfully cleaned the thick coil by using the high flow, low pressure CC-400HF system.

By: Siemens Energy - Belgium
Date: 13/05/2022

We use the CC-400HF to periodically clean a large number of air-cooled condensers. Due to the low pressure jet and high flow, we can clean the coils well without damaging them. In combination with Coilshine, we can also degrease the coils immediately, which ensures better heat transfer after cleaning.

By: Smartcool - Hungary
Date: 26/04/2022

• Very effective cleaning and disinfection solution mainly for air-cooled condenser coils
• Easy usage and handling for our technicians
• The weight of this service tool is a litle bit high compared to the other brands
• Easy water connection for the local domestic water source

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