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Cooling Tower Cleaning

Cooling Tower Cleaning

Cleaning and maintenance of cooling towers is extremely important for both efficiency and hygiene. By properly cleaning various crucial parts, you prevent downtime, inefficiencies and the risk of the Legionella bacteria.

(Open) Cooling Tower Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of cooling towers is very important to maintain good efficiency of your system. In addition, correct, preventive cleaning will ensure that the risk of contamination with, for example, the Legionella bacteria is reduced.

Goodway offers a complete program of various equipment. Each system has a unique function within cooling tower cleaning & maintenance. Systems are available for the following applications:

  1. Low pressure cleaning equipment in combination with chemical cleaning agent to clean air intake louvers and drift separators.
  2. Water vacuums to clean water basins and/or central collection/distribution tanks without having to drain all of the water first (minimal water loss during cleaning).
  3. Optional filtration systems to filter the extracted water and return it to the water basin/tank (0% water loss during cleaning).


  • Air intake louvers and drift separators

Air intake louvers prevent splashing water from the water basin/collection tank and prevent (large) objects from outside, entering the water basin. In addition, these parts also have the function of limiting (direct) sunlight, so that bacterial and algae growth is minimized. However, they are also the first barrier between incoming air and water, as a result, these parts pollute the fastest. Think of bacterial / algae growth, but also scaling. When air intake louvers become contaminated, they reduce the incoming air flow, leaving less air available to cool the water. Which reduces the efficiency of the cooling tower. Furthermore, growth of deposits on the air intake louvers is an ideal breeding ground for various microorganisms, including the Legionella bacteria. Correct cleaning of these parts is therefore crucial for optimal efficiency and hygiëne of a cooling tower and surroundigs. For this, Goodway offers low-pressure cleaning systems in combination with a chemical cleaning agent.

Drift separators have the function of preventing droplets or aerosols from leaving the cooling tower through the air flow. This reduces the water consumption of the cooling tower, since there is less water lost. In addition, these droplet separators are also very susceptible to contamination and growth of micro-organisms such as algae and bacteria. If these are not cleaned correctly, a greater chance exists that bacteria will leave the cooling tower with the air flow and can/will ''contaminate'' the environment, especially with the legionella bacteria this can become a life-threatening situation. Correct and preventive cleaning and maintenance of the drift separators is therefore very important.

  • Waterbasin or central Collection/Distribution tank

A water basin or central collection/distribution tank (water tank for several cooling towers) can also become contaminated over time. Think of deposits such as slime, biofilm, and mud but also micro-organisms such as Legionella and other bacteria. Even when a water treatment is in place, contamination can and will still be found in the water basin and/or tank after a while. The deposits can be circulated with the water and end up in the chiller tubes. It is important to remove this contamination in order to reduce a loss of efficiency of the cooling tower. By cleaning this with the special TowerVac system, contamination can be removed without the entire water basin/tank having to be drained. This not only saves on water (removal and import) costs, but also mainly in time to drain and refill the water. Which brings unnecessary downtime to the cooling system.

Central collection/distribution tanks are increasingly common at locations with multiple cooling towers. Here, all the water that flows through the cooling towers is collected and distributed throughout the cooling system. These tanks hold an enormous amount of water, which also becomes contaminated over time. When the central tank needs to be cleaned, it would normally first be completely emptied. Emptying and filling water not only costs a lot of money, but also takes a lot of time. The longer this takes, the longer the cooling towers are not operational.

When water is crucial, or disposal is unwanted, it can also be filtered. The CTV-F2 filter system cleans the water and then returns it to the water basin / central collection tank. This means that you do not have any water loss during and after cleaning and you can go back online with the cooling system immediately after cleaning. This saves a lot of time and money.

Customer service

Do you have more questions about the Goodway program for cooling tower cleaning and maintenance? Then please contact our customer service. Goodway Benelux offers customized service and can, among other things, discuss the cleaning and maintenance of cooling towers in accordance with your maintenance plan.