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Air Measurement

Air Measurement

Special equipment for performing measurements on air ducts. Think of air speed, temperature, total flow and more within the air ducts.

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Air measurement of air ducts

Here you will find various equipment for measuring air ducts. The measurements can differ from measuring the air velocity in m/s to the complete flow in m3/h. In addition, various accessories are available to be able to reach high air duct openings.

What can you measure?

There are 2 devices available, the FA 410 and Fa 430. Below you can find the specifications of the devices:

  • FA 410: has the ability to measure wind speed, volume flow measurements and temperature.
  • FA 430: All of the above + it is also possible to measure air quality. For example, the CO2 level can be measured (0 - 9999 ppm), the relative humidity, the dew point, and the wet bulb temperature.