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Power Drill Shafts

Power Drill Shafts

With the power drill shafts you can quickly and easily clean ventilation ducts yourself. A rotating brush loosens the deposits in the ventilation duct. Power drill shafts are powered by a drill.

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Easy and quick ventilation duct cleaning

Power drill shafts are simple, economical and compact. Because of this, these types of flexible shafts are also the most commonly used by individuals, contractors and service companies. The power drill shafts have a nylon outer layer that you can hold while working. Within the outer layer is a steel core that rotates. You can rotate the core by using a (light) drill.

Different shafts

Goodway Benelux offers 3 types of power drill shafts. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Below is a brief list of what they can be used for.

  • Ecoflex Shaft = this is the best-selling type of shaft. This shaft is perfect for round ventilation ducts with an internal diameter of 100 to 200 millimeters. (Virtually all homes and apartments)
  • Flexible Power Drill Shaft = This is the best shaft in terms of quality. It has a thicker core and can therefore handle larger diameters up to 600 millimeters. Perfect for companies that also clean larger ventilation ducts. In addition, this type of shaft has an allans key connection, which makes it possible to rotate bi-directionally.
  • Ecoflex Compact = this shaft is specifically designed for tight and flat ducts. There is only 1 brush available of 140 millimeters. If you need to clean flat and or very tight ducts, this shaft is the right choice for you.

Customer Service

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