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Goodway Benelux Scalebreak Descaler 20L
Scalebreak Descaler 20L

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Scalebreak Descaler 20L

Article number: SCALEBREAK-5
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Scalebreak is an industrial descaler developed to clean technical systems, such as heat exchangers, quickly and effectively. The descaler is very effective against limesale, rust and bio-fouling.

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Descaler for heat exchangers

Scalebreak is an industrial descaler developed to clean technical installations, such as heat exchangers. The descaler has a unique formula based on HCl and various corrosion inhibitors, making the descaler very effective against all kinds of deposits, such as: limescale, rust, bio-fouling and struvite. In addition, Scalebreak-MP is biodegradable and (due to the formula) is exempted for the transport of hazardous substances.

Applications and usage

Common deposits in heat exchangers, such as: limescale, rust, struvite and biological deposits can be easily removed by using Scalebreak. Examples of installations for which Scalebreak is used:

Difference Scalebreak and Scalebreak-MP

Goodway scalebreak descalers are used to remove limescale, rust and biological deposits in technical installations, such as heat exchangers. The differences between Scalebreak and Scalebreak-MP are listed below. Both products are biodegradable and exempt from hazardous transport.

  • Scalebreak is based on HCl while Scalebreak-MP is based on citric acid.
  • Scalebreak works approximately 25-30% faster than Scalebreak-MP.
  • Scalebreak dissolves approximately 2,4 KG of scale per 10 liters, while Scalebreak-MP dissolves approximately 3,5 KG of scale per 10 liters.
  • Scalebreak works best for cleaning chiller tubes and the outer side of boiler tubes. Scalebreak-MP can be used for all kinds of installations, including all types of plate heat exchangers.
  • Scalebreak cannot be used for stainless steel, while Scalebreak-MP can.
  • Scalebreak is slightly cheaper in price than Scalebreak-MP.

Specifications Scalebreak

Scalebreak is a unique mixture of HCl with corrosion inhibitors, wetting-, and penetrating agents. It is designed for descaling a wide range of metals and other materials, however it is not suitable for stainless steel. Scalebreak offers excellent cleaning results and speed without compromising the long-term integrity of equipment base metals. The biodegradable descaling solution safely dissolves scale deposits into a liquid suspension and allows them to be flushed out of heat exchangers, leaving no residual solution.

  • Approx. 25-30% faster cleaning than Scalebreak-MP.
  • Ideal for cleaning chiller and boiler (fire) tubes.
  • Very effective against limescale, rust, struvite, bio-fouling and more.
  • Exempted for the transport of hazardous substances and biodegradable.
  • Dissolves 2,4 KG of limescale per 10 liters of product.

Cleaning-in-place (CIP)

The regular Scalebreak descaler is mainly used to clean and descale tubes of water-cooled chillers, for example. In addition to the descaler, you need a circulation system/pump, which you can find here. Simply connect the descaling pump system to the heat exchanger and circulate Scalebreak for a few hours in the correct dilution ratio. For more information about chemical cleaning without disassembly, please contact the product experts at Goodway Benelux.

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Article number:SCALEBREAK-5
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