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Goodway GTC-DPA Dust Extraction Tool
GTC-DPA Dust Extraction Tool

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GTC-DPA Dust Extraction Tool

Brand: Goodway
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The GTC-DPA dust extraction tool is used to directly vacuum and remove loosened deposits during, for example, cleaning boiler fire tubes. Works with Goodway flexible shafts.

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Dust extraction during boiler tube cleaning

The GTC-DPA is a specially designed tool for vacuuming up dislodged soot and scale, while using Goodway's Rotary Boiler Tube Cleaners. The GTC-DPA can be used for the recovery of dry deposits. A shaft is fed through the back of the pickup tool, while a vacuum attachment is connected to the bottom. As deposits come loose, they are sucked into the vacuum for quick and safe recovery.

The biggest advantage of the GTC-DPA is that the brush or cleaning tool does not (continue to) rotate in the loosened deposits. This leads to better cleaning performance, less equipment failures and a shorter cleaning downtime.

The GTC-DPA tool can be used in combination with the following Goodway flexible shafts:

BFN-152S nozzles

The GTC-DPA tool always needs a BFN-152S nozzle to function. The BFN nozzles must always be slightly smaller than the internal diameter of the tube in order to fit. When everything is connected, all you need to do is move the flexible shaft back and forth for effective cleaning and vacuuming at the same time.

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