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Falling Film Evaporators

Falling Film Evaporators

Goodway Benelux supplies specialist cleaning and maintenance equipment for falling film evaporators. By using a high speed rotating brush or cleaning tool it is possible to clean deposited and (fully) blocked tubes.

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Falling film evaporators - tube cleaning

Falling film evaporator tubes can become heavily contaminated after a period of time and production. Often, products such as milk pass through the tubes and can build up layer by layer into a very strong substance that is almost impossible to remove. A correct, preventive cleaning of the tubes is therefore very important. If not cleaned correctly, tubes can also become completely blocked. Goodway equipment is suitable for this as well. By using heavy-duty cleaning tools, it is possible to remove this contamination.

Evaporator Tube Cleaning - General Video from Goodway Benelux BV on Vimeo.

Goodway Equipment/Solution

Goodway Benelux supplies a 3-part cleaning solution, which consists of:

  1. Tube cleaning system
  2. Flexible shafts (dry and wet)
  3. Heavy-duty cleaning tools and brushes

The tube cleaning system (AWT-100X) is Goodway's most powerful system. The variable speed of 500-3000 RPM makes it possible to generate sufficient speed and torque. The machine powers a flexible shaft, this can be either dry or with a water flush. The shaft then rotates the cleaning tool or brush. For blocked tubes, first a heavy-duty cleaning tool will be used to open the tubes. Then the NAB brushes will be used as a finishing touch for the tubes, removing any left ofter deposits on the tube walls.

Tailored service/advice

Cleaning of falling film evaporator tubes is often very different for each customer and installation. Our experts will be happy to help you find the right solution for your problem/challenge. Contact us via our customer service page or start a chat on the bottom right of your screen.