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Goodway QS-300 Quick-Shot
QS-300 Quick-Shot

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QS-300 Quick-Shot

Brand: Goodway
Article number: QS-300
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The QS-300 Quick-Shot combines compressed air and water to shoot special projectiles through tubes. This device has been developed to quickly and effectively clean large tube heat exchangers and surface condensers of power plants.

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Condenser tube cleaning

The QS-300 Quick-Shot has been specially developed for the internal tube cleaning of (large) heat exchangers and surface condensers of, for example, power generation plants. The device combines air pressure with water so that special projectiles can be shot through the tubes within seconds. These projectiles remove deposits from the tube wall by scraping it off. This immediately improves the heat transfer and thus the efficiency of the heat exchanger, without the risk of damaging the tubes.

The QS-300 can be used for internal tube diameters between approx. 12,6 - 31,75 millimeters.


The QS-300 Quick-Shot can be used for various applications. The device is mainly used to clean (larger) water-cooled chillers and surface/steam condensers of power plants. Depending on the deposits, different types of projectiles can be selected. Below you will find a number of examples of applications for which the QS-300 is often used:

Because the system combines air and water, it is only possible to shoot through 2 types of projectiles. The polyethylene tube scrubbers and nylon coil brushes. The QS-300 is mainly used to remove soft and medium type fouling. These types of deposits are often found in water-cooled installations. Below you will find a number of examples:

  • Silt, algae, slime (biofilm), sand, mud, sludge, zebra mussels and barnacles.

Technology QS-300

The QS-300 Quick-Shot is an easy-to-use device and very compact. This makes it a preferred choice among power plant professionals. Because the system is compact and lightweight, it can be used more easily in tight spaces, such as the condenser chambers. In addition, only air and water is required, which simplifies preparation and use.

A projectile tube cleaning also offers a number of other advantages. In many cases, this technique is safer, faster and more efficient than traditional cleaning, such as high pressure lancing. Below you will find a brief summary of the main benefits.

  • Speed: The time saved when cleaning with projectiles is substantial. Projectiles are shot through the tubes at high speed, the entire cleaning process takes no longer than 5 seconds, regardless of the length of the tube.
  • Water consumption: The QS-300 uses compressed air and water in a 90/10 ratio. This means that only 10% water is used. The QS-300 uses approximately 18-20 liters of water per minute. Divided over a number of tubes, this results in a very low net water consumption per tube.
  • Safety: the system uses a low pressure technology. This makes the cleaning process a lot safer for the operator. In addition, the tubes remain intact and undamaged, because they are not exposed to (extremely) high pressures.
  • Lower costs: The QS-300 devices are very affordable and therefore represent a relatively low investment, even if several are purchased at the same time. After that, you only need projectiles that can be purchased on a project basis or for a specific type of heat exchanger. Projectiles can be reused, further reducing variable costs.


A complete overview of all available Goodway projectiles can be found on this page. Below you can find a short summary of the different types of projectiles and what you can use them for.

Technical specifications

Certifications: CE
Air requirements: 8-10 BAR with 85 m3/h flow
Water requirements: 8-10 BAR with 18-20 liter/minute flow
Airhose: 3 meters long
Waterhose: 3 meters long
Dimensions carrying case: 37 x 48 x 14 cm (length x width x height)
Weight: QS-300 ca. 2 KG - incl. case ca. 7 KG

The QS-300 comes with a case for transport. The QS-300 has an air and water hose with industrial couplings. No projectiles are included, these can be ordered separately.

Goodway Benelux advice

The QS-300 Quick-Shot is an advanced and specific tube cleaning system. It is therefore recommended to contact the experts at Goodway Benelux. They will be happy to help you with specific information. They can also advise you on the system and the necessary accessories.

Click on this button to go to our customer service page.

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Article number:QS-300
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By: Vattenfall - The Netherlands
Date: 14/02/2024

To clean our condenser tubes, we use nylon coiled brush projectiles and QS-300's from Goodway Benelux. It's a very effective and efficient cleaning method for water-cooled condensers at power plants. After cleaning, we see a clear improvement in cooling capacity of our condensers.

By: Uniper Benelux - The Netherlands
Date: 25/07/2022

We have been using Goodway Benelux polyethylene tube scrubbers for years in order to clean our condenser tubes. The projectiles scrape the deposits off of the tube walls, but do not damage them. Ideal for preventive maintenance.

By: EPZ - The Netherlands
Date: 11/05/2022

We are very satisfied with the functioning and user-friendliness of the QS-300 for the tube cleaning of our heat exchanger bundles and (smaller) coolers. And also not to forget the speed and quality of the cleaning.

By: Vattenfall - Sweden
Date: 26/04/2022

We successfully used the QS-300 and polyethylene tube scrubbers for a tube cleaning of our heat pump condensers. Due to the speed of the device we were able to reduce the cleaning time from 6-7 to 1-2 days! That’s an 80% reduction, revolutionary.

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