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Goodway Projectile Mesh Tarp
Projectile Mesh Tarp

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Projectile Mesh Tarp

Brand: Goodway
Article number: QSP-1212
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Attach this projectile mesh tarp to the back of a tube bundle that is being cleaned with projectiles. This allows you to effectively catch water and the projectiles.

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Increase projectile lifetime

Goodway projectiles can be reused during tube cleaning jobs. How often that is depends on various factors such as: tube length, type of deposits and collection. Correctly catching projectiles is by far the most important factor in determining how often a projectile can be reused.

When a projectile hits the baffle at full speed, it will most likely be damaged and/or bent. As a result, it is no longer possible to use it and a new projectile will have to be used. By correctly catching the projectiles, you can save costs.

QSP-1212 Mesh Tarp

The QSP-1212 mesh tarp is specially designed to attach to the rear of the condenser or other heat exchanger. This high-quality, square safety net has a size of 3.6 x 3.6 meters (12.95 m2). The tarp makes it possible to harness excess water during the tube cleaning job and keep your job site clean. Mesh tarp also does a great job catching the projectiles, as they exit the tube under high pressure conditions.

QS-300 & BFP Big Shot

Catching projectiles is important for both systems. However, projectiles shot through with the QS-300 system will be at risk of damage much faster without a safety net. This is due to the expansion of compressed air in the tube as the projectiles are shot through. The projectiles therefore exit the tubes at (very) high speed.

The BFP Big Shot System is a kinetic-hydrostatic system. Since only water pressure is used, the projectiles will immediately lose (almost) all energy when they leave the tubes. The risk of damage is therefore much less here.

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Article number:QSP-1212
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