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Goodway Benelux Ecoflex Compact / Air Duct Cleaner
Ecoflex Compact / Air Duct Cleaner

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Ecoflex Compact / Air Duct Cleaner

Article number: ECO-C5
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The Ecoflex Compact is an ideal product for cleaning (very) small air ducts in various sizes; round, oval or square. Perfect for entry channels, among other things. Compact and effective up to 120 millimeters.

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Introduction Ecoflex Compact

The ecoflex compact is an excellent choice for both individuals and professionals who clean (daily) air ducts. Because this is a very simple and easy to use tool, almost anyone can use it to clean air ducts themselves!

The ecoflex compact is different from the standard ecoflex variant. This is because the compact version is only made for very small channels. By this we mean channels with a diameter of up to 120 millimetres. Because the compact version also has very short brushes, this shaft can easily make tight turns.

Please note this product is of a separate product line of Goodway Benelux. It is therefore not an original product of Goodway™.

Where to deploy?

The ecoflex compact is often used for very small channels, typically found in:

  • Dwellings (WTW) - also detached
  • Flats / Apartments
  • Offices

Also perfect for tight collapse channels.

Advantage Ecoflex Compact

The ecoflex compact has an even more flexible jacket than the ecoflex standard. This, in combination with a short brush, ensures that tight 90+ degree bends can easily be made.
In addition, there are special sweeping cloths of 150 millimetres. You can use this after brushing to remove loose dust in the canal. Or, for example, spray with disinfection spray.

Operation Ecoflex Compact

When the drill starts to rotate, the brush on the other side will also start to rotate. This rotating effect is seen as one of, if not the best method to clean air ducts. Because the brush is constantly in contact with the dirt in a rubbing manner, it will quickly and effectively clean an air duct.

Different lengths are possible, but almost always the 5 meter variant goes the fastest. This is due to the fact that the ecoflex compact axles are often operated by one person. The more length, the more actions for the user. In addition, 5 meters is a nice and controllable length. There are almost always several opening points, from which the user can also clean.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Ecoflex Compact
  • 1x Ecoflex Compact Brush 140 mm
  • 2x Wiping cloths 150 x 1.8 mm (for dusting channels)
  • 1x Mounting Attachment for Cloths
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Article number:ECO-C5
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