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TubeGuard® Macro Filter
TubeGuard® Macro Filter

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TubeGuard® Macro Filter

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TubeGuard® Macro Filters can be placed on the inlet side of your condenser or heat exchanger system. With these filters you can keep larger pollution out of the pipes, because they are stopped.

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Introduction TubeGuard® Macro Filter

Heavy pollution in heat exchangers is often caused by impure water flowing into the pipes. Think, for example, of a condenser that uses sea or river water. This can contain various dirt, from plastic to shells etc.

Because this pollution is often large, the pipes can (very) quickly slip shut and/or even be completely blocked. Which is crucial for the flow and heat transition of the system. One solution is to clean it more often, but another is to filter it.

How does TubeGuard® work?

TubeGuard filters are accurately made to the pipe size and then placed on the inlet side of the pipes. This means that all incoming water has to pass through these filters before it gets into the pipes. Because of this short filter action, large pieces of pollution can be stopped quickly and effectively. In this way you ensure that the pipes stay open longer and suffer less internal pollution.

The filters themselves are very short, which means that contamination cannot build up quickly around the filters. In addition, the openings of the filter are large enough to allow small substances to pass through. This ensures that the flow of the system remains virtually the same.

TubeGuard® Specifications

Reach TubeGuard: For external pipe diameters 0.875'' - 1,125''
Fitting: Tailor-made - very easy installation
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