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Goodway EcoFlex Shaft / Air Duct Cleaner
EcoFlex Shaft / Air Duct Cleaner

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EcoFlex Shaft / Air Duct Cleaner

Brand: Goodway
Article number: 21357
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The perfect semi-professional cleaning tool for cleaning air ducts. Easy to use with a drill and the best cleaning effect due to the rotating brush heads. Now with free 180 millimeter brush!

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Introduction Ecoflex Shaft

The ecoflex shaft is an excellent choice for both individuals and professionals who clean (daily) air ducts. Because this is a very simple and easy to use tool, almost anyone can use it to clean air ducts themselves!

The ecoflex has an internal core that rotates because you drive it with a drill. So the outer shell doesn't rotate with it. At the end of the ecoflex there is a threaded connection (M10) on which you can fix the brushes. You can find these here.

Where to deploy?

The ecoflex shaft is often used for smaller channels, typically found in:

  • Dwellings (WTW) - also detached
  • Flats / Apartments
  • Offices

The ecoflex shaft is therefore most effective for channels with round diameters between 80 and 250 millimetres. Larger is also possible, but we recommend stronger drive shafts, such as the FPDS.

Advantage Ecoflex

The ecoflex shaft has a big advantage over cheaper ways to clean air ducts. This is because it is a rotating system. Most inexpensive cleaning systems are reels, which have to be pushed manually through the channel.

Because you clean rotating, the cleaning result will not only be a lot higher, but in general you will also finish cleaning a lot faster.

Operation Ecoflex

When the drill starts to rotate, the brush on the other side will also start to rotate. This rotating effect is seen as one of, if not the best method to clean air ducts. Because the brush is constantly in contact with the dirt in a rubbing manner, it will quickly and effectively clean an air duct.

Different lengths are possible, but almost always the 5 meter variant goes the fastest. This is due to the fact that the ecoflex axles are often operated by one person. The more length, the more actions for the user. In addition, 5 meters is a nice and controllable length. There are almost always several opening points, from which the user can also clean.

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Article number:21357
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