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Goodway Benelux Flexible Power Drill Shaft
Flexible Power Drill Shaft

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Flexible Power Drill Shaft

Article number: FPDS-10
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The Flexible Power Drill Brush is the best power drill shaft available at Goodway Benelux. Not only is it stronger than the ecoflex, but it also has a unique socket connection. This allows it to rotate both left and right. (EXCLUDING BRUSHES)

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Introduction Flexible Power Drill Shaft

The Flexible Power Drill Shaft (FPDS) is the best power drill solution within Goodway Benelux. This hose is therefore really intended for professionals who carry out daily cleaning work on air ducts. This is the upgrade of the standard ecoflex shaft.

Because the FPDS has a thicker core (8 millimetres), it can have more torsion during cleaning. This not only results in a smoother movement, but also in a longer lifespan. The core is also internally greased with a special Teflon coating. This keeps it cool and robust, even after long periods of work.

The biggest advantage of the Flexible Power Drill Shaft are the brushes. The FPDB Brushes are extremely flexible and therefore very universal. You can clean a range of 150 to 850 millimetres with (only) 4 brushes.

Please note this product is of a separate product line of Goodway Benelux. It is therefore not an original product of Goodway™.

Where to deploy?

The FPDS can be used for all types of channels and applications, the most common situations and work fields:

  • Dwellings (WTW) - also detached
  • Flats / Apartments
  • Offices

Advantage FPDS

The Flexible Power Drill Shaft is already a quality perfect shaft. With a strong casing and robust couplings for the drill, this hose is also very robust.

As shown earlier, the FPDB brushes are the biggest advantage of this system. Because the brushes are so flexible, they can easily center themselves in the canal. This means that the FPDS system can not only be used for round channels! 

The Flexible Power Drill Shaft can also be used for e.g. oval or even square channels!

Operation FPDS

When the drill starts to rotate, the brush on the other side will also start to rotate. This rotating effect is seen as one of, if not the best method to clean air ducts. Because the brush is constantly in contact with the dirt in a rubbing manner, it will quickly and effectively clean an air duct.

Both 6 and 10 meters are often used, this depends entirely on the field of work and the possibilities within the duct in terms of cleaning.

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Article number:FPDS-10
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