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Lactose evaporator tube cleaning

A Dutch factory active in the dairy industry had problems with 3 lactose evaporator installations. The tubes quickly become fouled with the product flowing through them. One of the three installations must be cleaned every 3 weeks in order to continue to function efficiently. About 10% of the 800 tubes become clogged after 3 weeks. The deposit is a medium/hard layer with blockages in approx. 50-100 tubes.

The AWT-100X tube cleaner was used in combination with a flex hub scraper tool to open the clogged tubes. For the tubes with light pollution and no blockages, an SGB nylon brush was used. After a short training and instruction, the operators were able to carry out the cleaning themselves. The big advantage is that the end customer is no longer dependent on a cleaning company to carry out these activities, which benefits the production schedule.